27th, Nov '10

During most of twenty ten i had the joy to go woofing on a wonderful home stay in the central natal midlands and to start my time i had a joyous three days of hitching up the east coast of south Africa with a great french min whom made the hours east of of Port Elizabeth wind on though the trans-sky and eventually into Durban where meeting my hosts it was off into the midlands a place of grandiose mountains on a miniature scale with panoramas stretching over every hill. It was in this wilderness where i had my first real experience of the home stay life style and i found it very enjoyable to see what people and there imaginations can create for them selfs.

The land was roughly divided into three valleys with one or two houses in each, every one with its own style and sprite. Living there for a few months it was delightful to see the different landscapes and people shaped and created what they had.

After seeing sunrises and sets, elands and monkeys helping with gardens, houses and firebreaks for what seemed like weeks i had to say good bye to this beautiful place and people.

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