29th, Jun '13

A Better world

While I think someday the human race might achieve a global consciousness, it is still a long way off. Here are some things that I think would speed it along in a more peaceful and fair way. These are my personal opinions and I don’t expect any one to follow or agree with them, all comments are appreciated.

  • Visas should be easily obtainable, and not required for up to 3 months in all countries regardless of ones citizenship.
  • there should always be an option to change one’s visa status within a country for an affordable price
  • One should be able to apply to the UN for a global passport.
  • All countries recognized by Geneva should have a some sort of seat at the UN and its security council. Special interest groups such as Green Peace and Amnesty International should also be accommodated..
  • We should setup a global committee that can regulate governments and improve the lives of the severely poor.

Being an earthling

Some thoughts on what the term “earthling” means to me:

  • To see oneself on a global scale, with all the people, plants and animals of the world as your peers.
  • No place being fundamentally better than any other.
  • Allegiance to no country, no flag, no creed.
  • Free to express oneself beyond the bounds of local prejudices.
  • Seeing that if there is injustice anywhere then it affects us all.
  • To find others who are like-minded.
  • The core belief that we are all one people.

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