chiang mai to chang rai to luang pra bang by bus and boat

Well its been a while since my last post but since there isn’t much info out there about this route, maybe because its ‘off the path’ but that is not true in the low season i was on a boat … Continue reading



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a few transport options

Planes a few of the cheaper regional airlines for others try this  airline route map site. Europe Easy jet Ryan air Southern Pacific Virgin blue Web-jet Jetstar South Americas suggestions Please North Americas Jet Blue Air Lingus & Air Berlin … Continue reading

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travel resources

a little collection of things that i have found handy to have and use over the years, please comment if you’d like to add anything ! Travel tools travellers point A fantastic map site Unicef’s country info stay nomad airport … Continue reading

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get going in one artical

Packing Ideally you want to remain under 15kg though 10 is better, my general rule is that if i can’t do 10 lifts with it with one arm then it is too heavy a great site for what to bring … Continue reading

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a few places to find jobs

Listings Classifieds & Recruitment Gum Tree Craigs list Beijing classifieds Trade me Seek Vocational Picking jobs Passion 4 juice Lacasse Crew Services Canadian ski resorts Other UN Jobs Road Junky USA Scientific jobs Indian space organization Volunteering IDEP foundation EWB … Continue reading

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Last days in behind the great wall: seeing some sights

Seeing the sights of china after a teaching contract I take maximum advantage of my last weeks of the Chinese visa to see the terracotta warriors, near Xi’an, Harbin’s city of ice and snow, the forbidden palace and the summer palace in Beijing, leaving me with a sense of wonder as i leave this ancient land. Continue reading

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6 cities in 3 countries in 6 days

After my relaxing time on gili air it was all rush, on the day of Indonesian indpencance i had to start my marathon that would take me across the world. Continue reading

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A taste of Bali

After getting off that ferry just after lunch time i find the bus that goes along the north cost of bali and take it all the way to singaraja, dispute many attempts from the locales to assure me that i … Continue reading