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get going in one artical

Packing Ideally you want to remain under 15kg though 10 is better, my general rule is that if i can’t do 10 lifts with it with one arm then it is too heavy a great site for what to bring … Continue reading

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woofing the dargle

During most of twenty ten i had the joy to go woofing on a wonderful home stay in the central natal midlands and to start my time i had a joyous three days of hitching up the east coast of south Africa with a great french min whom made the hours east of of Port Elizabeth Continue reading

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Gili time

On the ferry i found a few other souls attempting to leave bali at that late hour, so naturally we banded together to try and figure out what was next, there was 2 polish women a Belgium couple and an … Continue reading

A bus goes though Jakarta artical


The backpacker route along south east asia is quite the bio warfare zone and i managed to pick up a bit of a the flu, but thankfully i knew it wasn’t swine flu, so about a week in Jakarta recovering … Continue reading