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a few places to find jobs

Listings Classifieds &┬áRecruitment Gum Tree Craigs list Beijing classifieds Trade me Seek Vocational Picking jobs Passion 4 juice Lacasse Crew Services Canadian ski resorts Other kulgun.net UN Jobs Road Junky USA Scientific jobs Indian space organization Volunteering IDEP foundation EWB … Continue reading

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Last days in behind the great wall: seeing some sights

Seeing the sights of china after a teaching contract I take maximum advantage of my last weeks of the Chinese visa to see the terracotta warriors, near Xi’an, Harbin’s city of ice and snow, the forbidden palace and the summer palace in Beijing, leaving me with a sense of wonder as i leave this ancient land. Continue reading

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6 cities in 3 countries in 6 days

After my relaxing time on gili air it was all rush, on the day of Indonesian indpencance i had to start my marathon that would take me across the world. Continue reading