17th, Aug '09
A restaurant on gili air

A restaurant on gili air

On the ferry i found a few other souls attempting to leave bali at that late hour, so naturally we banded together to try and figure out what was next, there was 2 polish women a Belgium couple and an italian when we got to the other shore we found it to be little different from bali if much less developed in the port, though bragging with the mini bus drivers was much easier in a large group, they took us to Senggigi in hopes of finding a boat or a cheap hotel as nether where coming forth we decided to sleep on the beach, with six people this wasn’t to hard. Waking up the next morning to a wonderful ocean front view the two polish decide to head to to make it to komodo in a day (they didn’t make it) so it was was just the four of us now and after a much more friendly bemo ride up the coast to Bangsal along its fabulous winding cliffs and panoramas it was on the public boat to gili air and a much more relaxed pace, though sadly reasonably priced accommodation wasn’t forthcoming, that was until we walked all the way around this island to find a absolutely lovely place run some italians, this elated the one italian we had with us to no end. So I settled down there for a week and just enjoyed the slow pace of a small island occasionally walking across it or into the small shop/waruong in the center of the island a truly relaxing time after all the travel and hassle of the past few weeks. But sadly it wasn’t to last forever, and on Indonesian independence day i had to beginning my epic journey that would take me to 6 cities in 3 countries in 6 days, but that is another entry.

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