29th, Jun '13


Ideally you want to remain under 15kg though 10 is better, my general rule is that if i can’t do 10 lifts with it with one arm then it is too heavy a great site for what to bring and not to bring is one bag.


Traveling with gadgets can be hard, not only because of there weight but it can be hard knowing what to take and how to keep it charged, when picking out gadgets be sure to reference this handy site for world electricity standards but keep in mind that developing countries don’t often follow the standards. As for what to bring I travel with the Cannon G9, a small gps device, 16 gb ipod nano and a very cheap cell phone.

For a more complete and in depth look at modern nomadic technologies take a look at the nomadic research labs at


Eating healthy on the road makes your the journey so much better, being vegetarian can not be over rated with this and some say a little of the local water also has benefits. There are also some magnificent items to have in your first aid kit and number one is thieves oil a general purpose antiseptic so natural it can be drunk!  and still super effective.


As part of every nomadic life it involves settling for a time here are a few things that might make it more enjoyable and allow you to live off the grid so why not get water from thin air with ecoblue or Build your own solar panel.


Or dumpster diving in the richer countries can provide some surprising results. But don’t take my word, try it for yourself.


have a day or two in belin look for a Geo Cach, or a week in mongolia perhaps world nomads is your thing, though if your looking for a bus in sydny try the Odyssey Overland and be sure to stop at the forest cafe.


waiting in Moscow terminal 3 or teaching in rural china the internet has some fabulous ways to entertain here are a few

Video: Mother of All Funk Chords40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes , Motion Empire

Audio: Librivox, Freshjam Radioshoutcast

images: izismile

Internet/Digital privacy

To encrypt your your emails use PGP keys to encrypted your emails or luxsci. To encrypt chats use a OTR equipped client such as Adium for mac and Linux – pidgin (with plugin) for Linux/Windows. A Free public jabber server is swiss jabber. Also these days one needs to be aware of RDIF chips for more info about them and how to stop them broadcasting all your details visit this site.


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