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a few transport options

Planes a few of the cheaper regional airlines for others try this  airline route map site. Europe Easy jet Ryan air Southern Pacific Virgin blue Web-jet Jetstar South Americas suggestions Please North Americas Jet Blue Air Lingus & Air Berlin … Continue reading

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travel resources

a little collection of things that i have found handy to have and use over the years, please comment if you’d like to add anything ! Travel tools travellers point A fantastic map site Unicef’s country info stay nomad airport … Continue reading

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Packing Ideally you want to remain under 15kg though 10 is better, my general rule is that if i can’t do 10 lifts with it with one arm then it is too heavy a great site for what to bring … Continue reading

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a few places to find jobs

Listings Classifieds & Recruitment Gum Tree Craigs list Beijing classifieds Trade me Seek Vocational Picking jobs Passion 4 juice Lacasse Crew Services Canadian ski resorts Other UN Jobs Road Junky USA Scientific jobs Indian space organization Volunteering IDEP foundation EWB … Continue reading