7th, Oct '09

a young patriot getting in touch with her capitalist sole

Well this old girl china is old, and i mean very old. But that has all been forgotten and the new china is just a spring chicken by nation standards being only 60 years old. I was fortunate enough to  be in the country for this special birthday. In the build up to this day the country was alive with celebration with so many parties happening in local restaurants that it was impossible for a foreigner to make it home sober, but that was nothing compared to the continual bombardment of fireworks that where a tel-tale singe of a wedding happening near by. From dawn till well after dusk china celebrated 60 years of its latest dynasty. So i thought i would go and check it out in the capital on this monumental day and maybe see the parade. The day started out well enough that was until i got to the madness that was Chinese transport i had thought that with every one needing travel on that day they would of put on extra transport and more staff, well no the same amount of buses where completely full, so i had to go off into the town of yuncheng where i managed to find a nice hotel room for 50rmb a quite decent price and a nice enough room. So after a dinner of street food it was on to the next day, when i got a lot of attention being the only white person in the hotel and possibly the only one that stayed there that year, so i got dragged into view the parade on the TV,  something i later learned would of been the closest i could of gotten the the parade any way due to the fact the the mighty Chinese army was so afraid of losing face that the enter parade was in-fact staged only in front of 8 old men and then replayed countless times on the CCTV to make the Chinese think they had been there, o wonderful china ! The rest of my time in Beijing passed uneventfully enough as it was far to crowded to do any of the major sites and i had a lot of winter shopping todo.

2 thoughts on “Beijing for National day

  1. Leslie Sirag says:

    Came over from CS because your profile looks interesting & you’re apparently in Seattle (if you’re coming to Olympia, definitely come by)
    Funny–we were in China for 50th National Day & didn’t go to Beijing–city was basically closed. Apparently you could buy a train ticket, but would be turned back at the Beijing station–happened to one of our students, even though her father was there & she was trying to go to see him.
    Only 8 old men, you think? I can believe it.

    Though we were in a crowd of about 200,000 (I heard later) at the White Horse Temple for year 2000 celeb.

  2. jamie says:

    because of security that year the whole down parade ground was closed down, so the only people in the stands where 8 old men…. well guess it was the 60th, but still they where among the lucky 0.n%

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