Bus schedule for bali
9th, Aug '09
Bus schedule for bali

Bus schedule for bali

After getting off that ferry just after lunch time i find the bus that goes along the north cost of bali and take it all the way to singaraja, dispute many attempts from the locales to assure me that i should go to lovina or denpisar, some hours later I arrive in at the bemo terminal to find out that it was a Balinese holiday and all bemos to ubud had gone, so off to find a local hotel and what would turn out to be my last reasonably priced lodging at 60,000 in a local hotel that was surprisely nice and surprisely empty. The next morning it was off to the the bemo depo and a long stroll though the reasonably large and busy and non touristy town of singaraja, after a quick lunch it was on the bus to ubud that turned into a wonderful up too and over the one of the volcanoes narrow ridges offering sepcatular views though the open doors watching the sheer cliffs speed on bye, ginjiyar and a bit of bartering got me into ubud where i was flabbergasted as to what has happened to that little town, every where there are new fancy buildings and atms, though thankfully go cool vegetarian was still there and i had as much food as i could eat, i shall miss it ! I also got a chance to catch up with the owners and saw there son, woah he has grown ! Next it was off to IDEP to see how petra and neyoman where doing and to look in on my servers  I was happy to find that for the most part every thing there was in good order though a bit trying for petra at the moemnt i wish her luck, next it was off the the Ubud library and the biggest shock i have had i a long time buying a few beers to sit with lauri to catch up i go into find her and i am told she has passed away, though i am not told this directly, the lady working at the counter has to get a balinese to english dictionary to translate it to me, possibly one of the worst ways to tell some one this info, though my hart goes out to her and her family, she was one of this planets great people and is missed.

The next day i left Ubud and headed to the cost choosing this time to take the perma bus instead of local bemos, this turned out to be much more expensive and in the end take more time due to the first bus braking down… getting into padangbai i go to find the beach i had slept on years before only to find it in the process of being turned into a chateau complex, bali is not what i remember. So with out much ceremony and the sun setting i decide to take my luck on the other side in lomboc…

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